About Lindsay

Hi, I’m Lindsay!

I write historical fiction for teens and adults, as well as poetry for kids, and I’m a youth librarian, too. I’m also a mom of humans and cats, a wife, a music addict, and a thrift shop queen. I’m always treasure-hunting for interesting stuff tucked away in strange places- especially great stories.

As a kid and teen, I moved a bazillion times – from the city to a flood plain, back to the city then on to a redneck mountain town, next to a smelly farmhouse with hideous, mismatched wallpaper, and finally to a nice place in the suburbs. It was pretty miserable for a shy, anxious kid to keep starting over, so, somewhere around the 7th move, I started writing – and never stopped. Luckily for everyone, however, I did stop writing those dreadful angst poems. Seriously. They were so bad I burned them.

My husband (who saved us all from the bad poetry) and I have since settled in Lancaster, PA, with our two daughters. Nope, we’re not Amish, but we do spend an unfortunate amount of time swerving around horse poo and passing buggies. Luckily, we’re close to civilization, too, so when I’m not running my daughters to music lessons, dance lessons, or school, we’re out rocking the local thrift shops and library. And listening to music. We’re always listening to music.

Though I can’t seem to acquire a cat that will sit in my lap like God intended, I have tamed two magnificent beasts. Oreo is a long-haired tuxedo cat who’s turning into an adorably grumpy old man. (He loves me best.) Dinah is steadily gaining weight, and no longer fits on this window sill. She loves everyone and everything – especially her food dish and the bathroom faucet.

Ever since Lady Catherine’s ghost tried to pants my husband during the Williamsburg Ghost Tour, I’m considering believing in ghosts. I at least believe in the power of a good ghost story – and the power of any good story to bring people together with thought-provoking compassion. Some of my favorites include The Giver by Lois Lowry, Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick, The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma, and Holes by Luis Sachar.

I’ll keep reading and writing (maybe a ghostie story next?!), and I hope you’ll do the same. Let’s keep in touch!